Mara says jump lessons are boring ;)
Trail ride with Sonny and Hayleigh’s new girl, Jesse :))))
Look who’s back from the vet’s (and currently on bed rest 😞) !
Playin’ around with logo designs…I’m liking the direction this one’s going. #beautifulhopehorsemanship #newbusiness #imsickofsketching
…and it’s in moments like these we realize why we’re alive.
Say hello to our newest edition, Lily!
LOOK WHAT I JUST DID. I towed the trailer ALL by myself with no deaths or mishaps 😊
I love bridleless trail rides with my main man #naturalhorsemanship #trailride #besthorse #bridlelessandbareback #sonny
Hanging at Re-horse Rescue saying hi to little Miss Fiona 😘
Meet the newest Mitchell addition…little miss Johann (don’t ask about the name…yes it is a girl)