LOOK WHAT I JUST DID. I towed the trailer ALL by myself with no deaths or mishaps 😊
I love bridleless trail rides with my main man #naturalhorsemanship #trailride #besthorse #bridlelessandbareback #sonny
Hanging at Re-horse Rescue saying hi to little Miss Fiona 😘
Meet the newest Mitchell addition…little miss Johann (don’t ask about the name…yes it is a girl)
Riding horses with Mad, Hayleigh, and the little ones :)))
Riding with Will!
I didn’t think this day could get any better…and then my now-favorite song came on.
My truck is backkkk!!!  Oh how I missed you baby.
Alright, so I obviously haven’t had the best day which is evidenced by my last picture…but after that lovely mess of an accident I came home to this…my @ogilvyequestrian pad that, for 6 loooong weeks, I have been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for!  Can’t wait to try it on Sonny AND Toby tomorrow!!!
My poor baby (and no, it’s not on uneven ground or sitting in a pothole. The dude who hit me bent my poor baby’s frame 😭 )